818-388-4395 - Escort Ad - tHiCk THiGhs NiC HIpS ROuNd BOoTy LuScIoUs LiPs!! & I WIll PrOv IT - 33

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Escort's Location: Los Angeles, California
Escort's Age: 33
Date of Escort Post: Jun 19th 5:11am
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I'm a freak and I like it....Hot freaky girl rarely says NO....
I'm smooth as silk and tasty like chocolate
Very talented with my lips,hips,and
Im ready to tease and please all night
I will make sure u will not leave disappointed
I have full lips and a sexy curvy body
Pleasing you is what I cater to do
i like it where most don't
Totally open minded. Call 818-388-4395. I offer video/photo also, ask me on my profile before calling... EZsex

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Call me on my cell at 818-388-4395.
Date of ad: 2012-06-19 05:11:00
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