Escort top 10 best practices

As you can see by the pages on this site, there are many escorts available in just about every state and Canada. Yes 99.9% of these girls are real and you can visit them. What happens between you and an escort is behind private doors. Some legal and some illegal. Here are the top 10 things you should know to make your experience with an escort the best possible:

Before we start the list I want to say: Only do legal things with your provider. Anything that you do illegal is not condoned or accepted by me. If you do something illegal you should go to jail. If you read this and use it, you should probably still go to jail The following list is fictional and should not be used as a real guide. I do not give legal advice and I have not charged you for legal advice. I am not a lawyer. So don't tell the court I was your pusher. I can not say it louder: Do not use this FICTIONAL guide for any purpose. Don't even print it to wipe your ass with. Is this clear enough? If you can not deal with it then you need something a little safer like EZsex where it's free too.

Treat the escort like any other girl you would meet at a party. Do not use vulgar language. Ask the escort what services she provides. Ask her if she is a GFE if that's what you are looking for but do not ask her if she will "suck your cock real good for $100" She will hang up on you.

Do not call an escort and ask her if she will do an incall if it says on her posting "OUTCALLS ONLY" it is a waste of her time and she will hang up on you.

If a posting does not have a phone number it forces you to email them and reveal your email address. 9 times out of 10 it is not a legitimate posting and you will only be put on a spam list by an escort agency or a dating site

Most escorts want to meet up right away. This is probably beneficial to you as you can never rely on an escort past 1-2 hours. Most of these bitches are fly by night and will shut off their phone once they have their required money. Incalls and outcalls are up to you. Some people like to meet them in a hotel and if you're married, that's probably best you dumb son of a bitch.

Most of the time, an incall escorts provide full service in a hotel but, not always. Incall is usually better for you the "purchaser" because it is very discreet. If you really want the escort to come to you, there may be a lot more that you have to deal with. The escort may bring her pimp or a driver who collects the money then takes off. She may not be the person in the picture but now you have the pimp on your doorstep. She may not provide the services you thought you were going to get but remember, there is a pimp on your doorstep and now they know where you live! Even if the escort says that she does not have a driver or pimp on the phone, are you sure there is not one sitting in the car? Remember these fucking bitches lie through their teeth. Can you really trust what a hooker says? If you said yes, then you need to stay at home and suck your own dick.

This can be a touchy area. I am sure there are many acts that you can perform with your provider that are 100% legal. But we all know you are interested in those few that are not. This will help you stay out of trouble. NEVER hint towards any sex of any kind. This would also include hand jobs and the such. If it could get you an orgasim, odds are it is illegal for her to do it for money. The fact that you are there and have $150 in your pocket makes you guilty as hell already so be very careful. The cops already have oportunity and sexual motive. The laws are different in many states. In some states a cop can say "How about a blowjob for $80" if you agree, you are busted. In other states, that is called entrapment and will never hold up in court so be aware of the laws in your state. It is best to get the girl to state what she provides and for how much. Then, before you pay she needs to let you A. Kiss her with your tongue. B. Touch her pussy C. jerk your cock. In most cases if she does one of those, she will never be a cop. How many cops do you know that will let you touch their pussy or jerk your cock just to get a bust? Oh yeah, the disclaimers that say "This is not an offer for prostitution" and by contacting me, you agree that you are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency" yeah those mean nothing. The only thing they do is make your lawyer laugh when you tell him that should be your case in court. I don't know hoe these escorts started thinking that this will save them. If that was the case drug dealers would say by buy crack fromm you, you agree that you are not a cop and will not arrest me or take me to jail. Fucking retarded bitches.

When you have made the deal, paid up, and are getting your "services" try not to deviate from what was agreed. If you would like more services, ask the provider and she may let you. She may also want a larger donation. So try to get it all out before you start your session.

This is an important topic! How many providers do you think see more than 1 per day. I bet most of them. That's 30 a month, 365 a year, 730 in 2 years + any slutyness she had prior to being an escort. Remember, nice girls you introduce to mom are not escorts. If you doubt me just ask yourself if a nice girl fucks 30 people a month. So, wear a condom during battle or you will be at the clinic acting like you have no idea where it came from as it itches and burns.

When you are done it is polite to hang out no more than 3-5 minutes. She does not want to be your girlfriend forever so, get the fuck out. You should only be around long enough to smoke a cigarette and get dressed. Don't be rude and run out 20 sec after you blow but make it promptly. Give her a hug and say thank you. Remember you don't want any problems and neither does the escort.

If she was great and everything went smooth, consider seeing her multiple times. Do you really want to go through the risk of getting robbed, arrested, or spending money and not being satisfied again by trying to find a different escort? If you find a good one, why not save your self the pain and call her again

I hope this helps you all out. Maybe you have a few that you think needs added? I know there are many different things that I did not touch on that can spawn whole new topics so please, let me know your comments
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